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I could be anywhere else…
But I’m right here with you
And you give me all my life
While I wander the way I do…
In this wild time we play…
Like two strangers in a game
Its rules we do not know
So we make them up as we go…
The wilderness breathes deep inside…
The only place we’ll every thrive
Is along this unknown drive
Together as we step along side…
Then is our quite control…
As the heron flies in the sun
There, beauty of our solemn roll
Causes inquiry among the run…
We are a unit of unmeasurable reason…
With no dance to play our tune
The wilderness is never in season
As long as we both sing to the moon…
This wilderness breathed inside us…
It was never a seen entity
Wilderness is our soul and spirit
It gives us pure clarity…
The time has come to move along…
To breathe without the words we’ve found
To seek the one infinity
To become this breath we cannot see…
Here among the forest dew…
Our dreams will always become brand new
To frolic in and among the trees
To witness the beauty in the breeze…
To look back at the world we knew…
Is to learn from all the things we do
And as we continue down this path
We keep our heads up and give our best laugh…
To the ones who came into this realm…
I bid you farewell so you can take the helm
And guide your own way through life’s trees
For inside you the WILDERNESS BREATHES…
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The horizons weeping
A big red glow
A fusion repeats
As dawn will show
Somethings in the wilderness
All the thoughts of timelessness
All these humans are such a mess
In the way they mold carelessness
World gives her
What’s in the way in this destiny
Is all you can say in the revelry
Is what you miss
Is just a test
Is your spirit
Is all that’s left
I heard in a bird where all we see we need
Perish sun the meager of our world
The horizons sleeping
Big red sky
An illusions dreaming
So deep inside
I am so inside of you
There is nothing that you can do
You could laugh at the image too
When the horizon looks so askew
World changeling
And all you can pray is for your destiny
If only you’d stray into your life so free
Is what you miss
Is just a test
Is your spirit
Is all you’ve guessed
This girl is my world and all I do is free
When I think of her, she cums
The horizons dreaming
So full outside
The taste of motion
On this world we ride
There’s no escaping,
No where to hide
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Watching your life overflow within the world you live
There are so many roads one may choose, where do they go
We may never wander into any of them,
But still we keep striving…
Around in these etched prism walls we lend our ears
The distance that we travel seems to lead us here
There is never any time to see what we could have been,
But still we keep on striving…
Slipping into wanders, dreams that float in our minds
The dreamer sees their open world that unfolds as they climb,
But still we keep on striving…
Capturing the sweetness that your love strewn slow
I gather all my energy until I unleash is fullest flow
Our open road takes turns that we will never know, here we go,
But still we keep on striving…
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We sweep our minds of what we saw
The past flies by as time still draws
The pieces of our wondrous ways
To fill in the changes of our days.


We recall from our last past attune
To talk about the days and ways we knew
And rejoice in pleasures before we met
And drone the tone in the ones we fret


We’ve been put together from here we stand
To grasp the wonders we don’t understand
From this day on we can only begin
To hold each treasure deep within


So when the time from now comes true
We can remember these moments that we do
We’ll smile and laugh as we remember when
But continue to build our love til the end
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I slipped inside my woman
I pulled her close to see
I told her that I loved her
And she said the same to me
I felt up all her lovin and then made her grin
She turn her head to my ear and said do it again
So I gave her all my lovin
When she felt like she was done
I looked into her blue eyes
And said she was the one
Then it felt like all my worries seemed to float on by
She looked on up and pulled me into her amazing sigh
We went another round
A twisting never seen
She screamed and I kept steady
It was all just like a dream
And we kept our bodies flowing til the sun went down
When we woke in the morning we kept on fuckin around
After the morn was over
We looked into our eyes
We felt the sun was building
Our love that never dies
I grabbed her body glistening and slipped right inside
She quivered like no other and now she is my bride

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Is there something that had us
Caution is a solemn state
When the time is refuse
Comes with all this weight
When the bend is about broken
All the fear seems fake
As when they laugh ours
They joke about the time we took to take
The stream is virtuality
Lips wet in autumn dew
The sound of intuitions
Are visions that see through you
If the town is out in labyrinth
Pagan witch and blood
Whores are coming like gypsies
No one in the out land will ever stop the flood
These ravens set founding
Wings are black ashen down
As children we seek bonding
Even in an upset frown
As the wind will change direction
So to will unseen pause
The contradicting posture
Is open like a grizzlies claws
Open like a grizzlies claws…
Open like a grizzlies claws…
Open like a grizzlies claws…
Open like a grizzlies claws…
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